How to Play

The following has tips and instructions to help you have a good game:


A simple but challenging team game where you earn Virtual Cash plus hire farmers and miners for food and gold.
You then exchange your gold for more Virtual Cash so you can buy phones, electronics, cars, bikes, jewelry, motorcycles etc etc.
While doing this you gain Game Points which will let you advance your class.
Once you reach Middle Class you can start bidding on one of seven islands each day.
If your team can hold all seven islands for a period of time you will win the game.

Pages and their contents:

Any new messages.
All your current resources:
  Diamonds, Game Points, Virtual Cash, Food and Gold.
Links to other pages:
  Info, News, Leaderboard, Get some Cash, Team, Go shopping, Hire People and Bid on an Island.

You will have an inbox and a outbox for your messages.
You can sent someone a new message by selecting the players name and “send message” at the bottom of their Info page.

A searchable map which has a flag for each players location and the seven islands.
If you click on a flag it will show the player located there and you can also click on their name to see their information.
If you belong to a team everyone on your team will have a "T" on their flag.

All your current information:
  Image, current Class, Islands, Employees Information, Valuables (items you bought).

Current events with player name, event and time.

A list of players or teams in order by the highest game points.

Get some Cash:
Different options to get some Virtual cash.
Exchange gold for Virtual cash.

Option to start a team if you do not belong to one.
If you are in a Team:
  Team name, Team score, members, forums, requests, invitations, about.

Go Shopping:
Amount of Virtual Cash you currently have.
Items to buy (by class) and information about that item.

Hire People:
How much food and gold you have.
Qty of Farmers & Miners you have.
Qty of Farmers & Miners to hire.
Info about production & upgrades.
Qty of Farmers & Miners to discharge.

Bid on an Island:
7 different islands you can bid on if you are in Middle class.
All bids are final 11:59 PM Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00).
Island name & current owner.
Bid day.
Winning Bid.

Tips for a good game:

When you first start a new game select the Hire People page.
You will have 1 farmer (Lvl 0) and 1 miner (Lvl 0).
It is very important to have enough farmers to support all your employees.
(1) Lvl 0 farmer will support 2 employees.
If you run out of food and do not have enough farmers to make extra food, you will be in trouble as you need 50 food to hire each new farmer.
So it is smart to hire new farmers first when you start.
You will be able to see all the information about your employees and their production rates in your Info page.

You will want to get your maximum number of employees (200) as they will provide you with food for the employees and gold which you can exchange for Virtual Cash.
Then upgrade them so their production will increase.

If you are not on line playing the game for a extended period (like sleeping or working) go to Get some Cash and choose the 8 hr. option so when you log back in you will have your Virtual Cash.

Get enough game points to move up in class
Advancing classes will give you Game Points, more items to buy, more capacity to hold gold and food in storage and you will gain more Virtual Cash per hr.
How do you get Game Points?
Pretty much just be active on the game.
Adding employees, upgrading, getting cash, buying items, winning bid on an island etc. etc.

Create or Join a Team.
As a team you can discuss strategies and recruit the best players to win the game.
To send a join request go to Leaderboard and select a team. The request is at the bottom of the page.