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Congratulations to team fsociety
Winner of World 3.

World 4 coming soon.

Now with a newly added game room with
Slots & Save the Island.

Want to have fun playing a multiplayer strategy game?
Then you are in the right place.

Designed to run on PC's, laptops, android cell phones and tablets plus iphones or ipads regardless of the operating system or the device size and resolution. There is nothing to download or update and doesn't use your memory. It will use very little resources so it will not drain your battery.

It is free to play without restrictions, pop ups or advertisements and your information is not sold to anyone. There is optional in game purchases and an area for donations to help pay for the programming and server time.

7 islands is a fun strategy game where you can play individually or create/join a team. The goal is to gain game points and virtual cash so you can get enough resources to bid on and hold an island. Each day of the week a different island will go up for bid. If you or your team can hold all seven islands for a period of time the server will close and you or your team will be the winner of that world.

Have fun with an online community of friends and team members with out the stress and anxiety that often come with other games. After all how much fun is it to spend countless hours in a game to do well to lose it all in an instant from a player who is stronger than you! Not a team player and like to play solo? Register and play solo and be the spoiler for teams trying to win the game.

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